I describe myself as a sculptor using the term to embrace the discipline in its widest sense incorporating installation and site specific work, commissions: temporary and permanent, work in the public realm and performance. I exhibit regularly in galleries at home and abroad.

I am a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.

Most of the sculptural work I exhibit it site specific and has been made in response to social and/or physical environments, often focussing upon properties and proportions of space (including atmospheres, sensations, narratives and specific physical characteristics) as constructs for meaning.

My work often alludes to the body as a vehicle for the expression of human experience. I seek to challenge established paradigms for the representation of the human being, questioning aspects of form and formlessness in relation to the body and in relation to sculpture as a discipline. Thematically, much of my work is actively involved with the relationship of our bodies to our physical world and the way our understanding is mediated through the mind/body dynamic. Figuration has been a core involvement of my work, whether presented covertly or through representation. The politics of the body, particularly the gendered body, and the relationship of figuration within art, its histories,values and mythologies, and the re-interpretation of the figure as an ever-changing organism, personified and vulnerable, are ongoing themes.

My work often combines found objects with those made by my own hand; objects which acknowledge or subvert traditions and crafts associated with sculpture as a discipline. For me the physical involvement with the work is crucial, and more often than not, aspects of the making process form the shape and qualities incorporated into the work itself, such as a footprint or a squeezed piece of clay. It is important that the physical nature of the work, for example the material working processes or aesthetic properties evolve alongside the ideas embedded within it.

Autobiography and personal narratives provide key references and sources for the work. These are assimilated via the medium of drawing as a way of developing new three dimensional works as well as resolved, independent drawings. For this website, work is presented as projects, some of which feature drawing as crucial elements of each individual project. There is also a separate Drawing section for showing examples which, though usually made as part of a series, might be considered freestanding artworks.